Forest therapy “Buna no mori (beech wood) Nukumidaira”

Forest therapy “Buna no mori (beech wood) Nukumidaira”

95% of Ogunimachi is covered with forest. The snow lies thick on the ground, become water and nurture animals eventually. Nukumidaira, above all, is a bright forest and filled with various kinds of animals and plants.

In Bandai Asahi National Park, you can enjoy primitive nature such as Beech, Water Oak and Swamp Ash along 5.5km-length-walkway at the foot of Iide mountain range.

Demonstration experiment of healing effect by this forest was held and verified that this area has a excellent healing effect. As a result, the forest was certified as “Healing Forest Base” by Forest Therapy Society (Non-profit organization).

“Revitalize physical and mental vitality by utilizing healing effects of the forest”

We hope you can experience “the reality of being alive”, “freedom from stress” and “relaxing time” by putting yourselves in the middle of mother nature.

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