Ogunimachi, Yamagata Prefecture is a place surrounded by high mountains with rich nature.
Ooyama Sakura (Ooyama cherry blossoms) in spring, fresh green mountains shining in summer, autumn colors and winter wonderland. Please enjoy the beautiful scenery of each season.

Iide Mountain Range


The snow lies on the mountain. It is filtered by beech woods and eventually support people’s lives as Tamagawa.

You can feel the wildness of mountains near Iide Onsen at Kairagiso.

Taruguchi Toge (Taruguchi Pass)


A mountain pass where you can view the south part of Iide Mountain Range.

A good place to take photos where you can use the parking lot during spring and autumn.

In winter, cute littl [...続く]

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Ginko in Hisenji (Hisen Temple)


Ginko tree in Hisen-ji is a designated cultural property in Ogunimachi.

This big tree used to be in a post town called “Ichinono Shuraku (village)”in Echigo highroad and please everyone’s ey [...続く]

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Akashiba Kyo (Akashiba Gorge)


A notable place for autumn colors along the National Route 113.

Snow-shed created through the beautiful valley is also a popular tourist spot where you can feel a historical atmosphere.

Kajika Falls


This waterfall was named after Kajika fish (Cottus pollux) which climbs up this waterfall.

The sound of waterfalls soothes our mind and makes us cool-down in summer.

Ooyamazakura (Ooyama cherry blossoms)


Our village flower “Oyama cherry blossoms” start to bloom in spring and are in full bloom during Golden Week (beginning of May) even though snows is still remained on the ground.